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Saturday, November 27, 2010

An idea for a real reality tv show

I don't watch reality television shows mainly because they aren't real! I especially don't, and won't watch any of those dumbass cake baking shows with snotty, wannabe cake bakers trying to outdo each other with ridiculous monstrosities of ugly, weird cakes. I do see the advertisements for some of these bandwith robbing programs because the BSU insists on watching the murder-death-mayhem programs that frequent the same network.

But tonight I had an idea for a reality show involving bakers that I would watch. Here's my idea: Take 6 or 8 newly minted from culinary school graduates, let them pick a town where they would like to operate a bakery. Give each of them enough start-up cash to open a storefront shop. Then leave them alone with the exception of a 1 man camera crew for an entire year except for monthly check-in visits. Let them hire people, set up shop, advertise, pay their bills, build a customer base and prove they have what it takes to really be proud of themselves.

Ditch all the phony drama, the foodfights, the petty bickering and the hidden direction from the program producers and just let these folks succeed or fail on their own merits. Let the monthly check-in episodes show the financial books and how each baker comes up with their own ideas about what success is and how to achieve it.

Make that into hour long episodes without all that fake drama BS that is apparent on the programs today and I'll watch it! Same goes for the chopper builders and all the other programs of the genre!

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